Mike Olson

This is the first million integers, represented as binary vectors indicating their prime factors, and laid out using the UMAP dimensionality reduction algorithm by Leland McInnes. Each integer is represented in a high-dimensional space, and gets squished down to 2D so that numbers with similar prime factorizations are closer together than those with dissimilar factorizations.


Howdy hi!

I'm Mike Olson. I manage this site for my own use. I offer some email hosting and other services to family members. If you're one of them, contact me for details.

My work history is on LinkedIn.

I blog on Medium.

I'm parsimonious with my time on social media. I'm most active on Mastodon.

I'm mostly retired. I do some strategic advising and work with technical CEOs. I travel, read, write, code and build stuff. I'm the board chairman at the Cityside Journalism Initiative.

I'm a limited partner in several angel, early-stage and growth venture and private equity funds that concentrate on the climate crisis. I don't make angel investments on my own or outside of climate tech.

I write occasionally about entrepreneurship and running companies.

I work on different projects. The most recent one is my MultiClock. I blogged elsewhere about cast iron electrolysis.